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Elizabet Castillo, photographe, d’origine cubaine

10 mai 2020

What is inside you that can help you make others better?
I am very sociable, I speak 4 languages fluently and I always try to keep a positive attitude.
What skills do you possess?
Adaptability, Autonomy, Curiosity, Sense of communication,Teamwork, Perseverance
What talents have been given to you?
I’m a very creative person, I have facilities for languages and I’m a quick learner
What personality traits do you have that can be used to add value to others?
Pragmatism, Self reflection, the capacity to understand other people’s point of view
What’s you biggest pain point?
I might  seem stubborn and impolite sometimes but it’s a cultural thing.
What are you frustrated about? G aining recognition and audience for my work.
What are you worried about?
Right now, not enough clients
What’s  keep you up at night?
New ideas and unfinished Porjects don’t really keep me up at night, but it surelly make me go to bed late and wake up very early to keep working on them.
What your biggest desire in life?
That changes with every decade or so. Right now, traveling around the world.
What do you really want?
World peace
What do you really need?
A successful and profitable small business